New Wings: a Novel

The angelic realm isn’t pretend; it’s real. It’s all around us.

New Wings centerIts creatures are beautiful—and deadly.

New Wings …#1 Bestseller and “Editors Pick” on Amazon!!!

…and is now a screenplay, written by Jeremy London, and has been picked up by Abba Productions and Christy Lee Taylor (producer) for a movie as of March, 2016!!

Tired of Vampires?

Bored with Vampire Diaries?  Hate Zombies? Good News!  New Wings will grip you with its gritty new glimpse of the supernatural realm that is REAL, as never experienced before in novel form. These beings aren’t boring.  They’re fascinating.  They have personality, wit, bravery, and love. And some…are downright dangerous!

New Wings: The Story

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Stanton always knew the Bible says guardian angels exist, but she assumed they only showed up when people were dying or needed to be saved from some kind of sudden disaster. Until she meets her own guardian angel, who appears to her in the form of a good-looking guy her age. As Olivia gets to know Mike, she learns how many misconceptions she had about the spiritual realm. She starts seeing angels on a regular basis—both good and evil ones. Mike tells her he needs to prepare her for the daunting spiritual battle that is about to overtake her small town, which could destroy her, her family, and her friends.


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“Why is it that when we pray for the supernatural, we are surprised when it shows up?”

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