Not Just Another Angel Story

Not Just Another Angel Story

You may be asking yourself, is this just another cutesy story about angel encounters?

NO! (oops, sorry, was I too emphatic about that?)

God Bless all of those coffee table books with stories of people’s accounts of seeing or experiencing angels. I’m sure they are true. Quaint, but true. Maybe…

So why is it that when my one friend sees angels they aren’t your typical gothic, white cherubs with white fluffy wings? Instead…they are bruised with battle scars and wounds. When he told me this, he asked me why they looked that way. I said, “ I don’t know, but I can’t see anywhere  in the Bible that says they couldn’t appear that way.”

Could that angel have been proudly displaying his battle wounds from times of spiritual war? Was it what my friend needed to see? God is certainly big enough to reveal spiritual things uniquely to each individual.

Some people entertain “angels unaware” who appear in human form, just as Abraham did in the Bible. Thus, my idea for the main character “Mike” in New Wings. Do they appear that way often? I don’t know. Could they? Certainly!

And what about demons? Well, I can definitely assure you they are not the hot, muscle-bound hunks represented in the fallen angel type romance books you’ll find in the YA general market. They are not your “bad boy boyfriend” that you want to have a little fun with for a while.

You know, I often shake my head in wonder at how those pre-flood women fell for the deception of the two hundred fallen angels who intermarried with them and formed a super-race called Nephilim. Were they forced? Romanced and wooed by their beauty, strength and mystery? And why did they continue having sexual relations with these guys knowing they’d die in childbirth?

Well, according to the romance books on the shelves, its harmless, thrilling and dangerous. Would young women these days act any differently if Edmund the Vampire asked them out on a date? If you believe Satan is a deceiver and can appear in any form he chooses (as he did with Eve!), why not appear as a super hot guy with a western European accent that romances you, then sucks blood out of your neck once he’s got you where he wants you? (hahaha….)

How about Damon (Vampire Diaries)? I’m pretty certain, as Entertainment Weekly professes, he’s the hottest male star on TV. Almost every girl in the US tunes in each week to laugh at his hilarious sarcasm as he twitches that left eye bow and grins that famous half-grin. Yet, he’s a RIPPER!!

New Wings doesn’t have vampires, wolves or zombies, but it does take the time to explain their origin, unmask the enemy, and warn young girls that they are not “harmless.”

In a very gritty, frank way, the Fallen ones enter into the story and show their true intentions.

The hero here is not a fallen angel. It’s a guardian angel. A heavenly warrior. He’ll grab your heart, along with his other guardian companions. You’ll come to love and appreciate these comrade- in -arms who fight side by side with us every day… in the same battle, yet separated by realms as a result of the fall.

Makes you wonder…if not for the fall, would we need these heavenly babysitters?

Hmmmmmmmm…what were they actually created for before they defaulted to watching our backs?

What happens when we die? Are they reassigned?

Did they “fail” if we die?

Check out some of the answers to these questions, and more as you delve into New Wings…go for it! Then share it with your friends. How can we fight this spiritual battle if we don’t know who…or WHAT we are dealing with???


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