New Wings reader reviews that KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF!!!

Book Reviews:

LOVED New Wings. Definitely grabbed my heart and curiosity and left me wanting to read more. I feel it will be appealing to secular as well as Christian audiences. The whole world is intrigued by thoughts of angels.
Would be a great movie. An angel named Mike in a red Camaro? Who could resist? Excellent writing too.
Great read for adults as well as teens. I mean, I liked it and I’m an old lady.

—Elaine W. Miller, author of We All Married Idiots: Three Things You Will Never Change about Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can
I finished your book last night. It will change people’s lives. It’s already changed mine! I can’t wait for it to be in print. I’m going to buy a bunch and hand them out to people. It’s changed the way I want to live, the way I pray, my attitude, the way I see people … everything!”

—Sarah Rucker, worship leader, Glad Tidings Christian Life Church, mother of six


I read your book in one day. I will be one of your biggest fans and promoters.

—Deborah Ramsden, elementary school teacher and pastor’s wife, Community Bible Church, Rockford, Illinois


I read your book in one day. With a renewed public interest in angels, I think this book is very timely. I liked that many of the issues young people have to deal with were covered adequately without too many details. It reminded me of the importance of prayer in fighting Satan’s power. The book kept my interest from the very first page.  When there were touching moments, I was moved to tears. That makes it a good book for me, and means the author did a good job in telling the story.

—Carol Armstrong, seventy-year-old mother of two, grandmother of twelve


New Wings will keep you flying from page to page. Easy to pick up but impossible to put down. It’s impossible to find a closing scene where you can set down the book for the night. You just keep reading until you finish it.

Ever had the hair stand up on the back of your neck and goose bumps cover your entire body? Every wonder why? Does it feel like something is watching you? Something is!

This is a great book for teenagers and adults alike. They’ll never look at life the same way again, and it will revolutionize their prayer life.

—Brenda Vogel, teacher, foster parent, and youth leader


I finished the other day and you could defiantly go on with another book! Loved it. And I never though of seeing things or people as angles or demons I just thought they were there to talk to. But this one girl at my work who is very into god is borrowing my book she had a tragic accident and turned her life to god after it. She says to tell you that your an amazing author and could go on with more books.

Meagan Herbert 4/22/13


Actually I knew about the book from your Endless Mountain Labrador website. I was reading about your dogs and all the information that you provided, and I happened to see that you were an author. I read an excerpt from the book, and was drawn in immediately, so as soon as I could get my hands on the book, I bought it.  Great Book! Your dogs are outstanding, when I am ready for another Lab, it will certainly be from you.

Joan Lynch 4/24/13


> Hi Donna,

> I just got your book and I can’t wait to read it.  I haven’t read a book in years but your story and trailer intrigued me.  I have always believed in angels and I love to hear other people talk about their experiences.  I have had a couple of experiences, I believe to be with my guardian angel. When we lost our 11 yo lab 2 years ago, the pain I felt was unreal.  I prayed for God to help us find another dog like Buddy.  I do not have children and my dogs are my kids!  I had been searching the internet and found your kennel and someone spoke to me, assuring me your kennel was the one.  When I received the pictures thru out their growth, there was one big puppy that always stood out to me and I knew he was it.  When we went down your steps to pick our new puppy,  I teared up when I saw that big, beautiful, white furball. My husband and I knew instantly he was it.  God answered my prayer.   I am so thankful we found your kennel and I know without a doubt, it was Devine intervention!!!    Sorry to digress, you excell in everything you do and this book will be a success too!    I hope you’re working on the next one!  God bless!!

“Tammy” 4/25/13


hi.. i um… just wanted to tell you… i read your book (in one day) and i really really really really liked it it was really well written –Gabriel Harnisch (13 year old!)angels




  1. niki lister (14 years old) says:

    I read your book in two days, and about half way through i knew that i loved it. I know you just published this book but I really want you to make another one.

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    New Wings reader reviews that KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF!!! – Donna Stanley

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