Frontline Ministries Event Recap

On September 1st I headlined with Matt Maher and other musical artists at a music festival sponsored by Frontline Ministries, based in the State College, PA area. ( This event has been going on for 15 years and draws thousands of all ages. I had the privilege of speaking right before each main act.  The gentleman that founded Frontline Ministries had gotten a hold of my book and was so impressed and impacted by it that he said “every man, woman and child needs to read this book!”  So, he asked me to come to the event and share from the stage.


Apart from the typical blank-stare faces of some when you start talking about the spiritual realm, I was well received, and had constant traffic at my book table all day.  Some shared their “angelic encounters”, other just asked for prayer, and some expressed their great hope that the message of “New Wings” gets out—and how timely and important this story is in our current culture that’s obsessed with everything “paranormal.”

But here was the highlight of the weekend. A cute little gal and her husband approached me at my book table.  I knew them from when we used to live in New Jersey.  Neither they nor us knew they’d be there.  She bought my book, took it home, and read the first 8 chapters.  She called my husband’s cell and asked if she and her husband could meet us for breakfast the next morning.  Of course, we obliged.

As we chugged down coffee and chomped on muffins, she proceeded to tell us how she read the first 8 chapters of New Wings, then began to pray against a spirit of Fear and Confusion in her home.  It was as if a huge weight had lifted off of their household.  It had been there for some time.  She also experiences complete and total delivery, personally, from a painful experience in her childhood. I don’t know if it was the Java or not, but she was talking non-stop with such glowing excitement.  Goosebumps cascaded down my neck and arms as I tried to grasp what an amazing thing God had done.  She said she KNEW she was supposed to come to the festival, but did not know why.  But as I began to talk from state, she said she immediately knew why God had led her there.  Praise the Lord!  All Glory to God!


  1. I actually was at the Frontline ministry event for the first time that year. I won your book in the Duck Derby. I absolutely love it and feel. I imagine God’s angel armies protecting me when I am scared or struggling. And even imagine my guardian angel praying right beside me 🙂 I hope there will be more adventures for Olivia. Or similar God filled stories soon!

    • Donna Stanley says:

      That’s awesome! The sequel should be out by the end of 2016 and there is a movie in the works as well!

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